Enhance your natural beauty at Cosmetic Skin Clinics with our brows, lashes, and spray tanning services. Our skilled technicians offer a range of treatments including eyebrow waxing and tinting, lash lifts and tints, and professional spray tanning. Achieve perfectly groomed brows, lifted lashes with added volume, and a sun-kissed glow that leaves your skin looking radiant. Our experienced team will tailor each treatment to enhance your unique features, helping you achieve a polished and effortlessly glamorous look. Step into our clinic and indulge in these transformative services to accentuate your eyes and achieve a flawless, bronzed appearance.

Eyebrow Wax & Tint – $50
Eyebrow Wax – $20
Re-Shaping Brows (New clients) – $30
Lip & Chin wax- $40
Brow Lamination – $70
Lash Lift & Tint – $90
Lash Tint – $50
Spray Tan – $40

Hairstroke Brows
2.5 Hours – $899.00
*Prices include a 4-6 week touch up.

Hairstroke brows is a “hair” like tattoo. Fine hair strokes are tattooed into the brow mimicking your existing hair growth using either a hand-tool called a “microblade”, or a tattoo machine. It is a very natural way of adding more fullness, definition and shape to the brows which is suitable for clients with either full brows or minimal/no brow hair at all.

Combination Brows
2.5 Hours
*Prices include a 4-6 week touch up

Combination Brows (Hair stroke & Shading) is both options combined. This option is one of the “heavier techniques” as it has fullness from the front of the brow through to the tail. This is suitable for clients who prefer a hair stroke look in the front with a more shaded in tail.